“There is one thing the photograph must contain,
the humanity of the moment.”
— Robert Frank

*Photos courtesy Danielle LaBelle 2018


I’m Mindi, owner of Creative Haven Photography as well as a story teller. My husband, daughter and I reside in Racine, Wisconsin. A little bit about me, I love the outdoors and days spent on the lake, beach, or with family. An Arkansas native, I moved up here with a previous job in 2002 and have made my home here since!

I’ve been asked several times why I chose the name “Creative Haven”. As I sat down at my computer in 2014 and pondered what photography, or art in general rather, meant to me the word “Haven” came to mind immediately. Having been influenced by art my entire life and often painting and crafting anything I could get my hands on, it created for me a safe place to be myself, a place to escape to when the pressures of life got heavy. It was, and still is, a place where I can let my imagination go wild and chase whatever sparks me. Photography was an avenue that took me by surprise actually. Wanting to have a good camera to capture beautiful scenery that I could later paint, my loving husband splurged on me one Christmas and from there that little black box captured my heart. So that’s how the name Creative Haven Photography came to be.

I began as a hobbyist and learned as much as I could, soaking up every tip from those around me and in multiple online forums. I’d be remiss, of course, if I didn’t acknowledge what an important role my faith in God has been in this venture. While I don’t label myself a “Christian Photographer” per say, everything I do from start to finish involves the Lord. I pray for each of my clients before I arrive at their shoot and rely on the passion that He’s instilled in me for the task of carefully shooting, editing and adding my artistic embellishments to each image. I look for the beauty God created in each child and adult that's unique to them. My aim is to capture, with radiance, the essence of who they are-who they were made to be, and in the process create beautiful portraits of that beauty for the family to enjoy for years to come. It was out of a desire to do things with excellence as mentioned in Colossians 3:23 “Put your heart and soul into every activity you do, as though you are doing it for the Lord himself and not merely for others” that kept me pushing through tough learning experiences and learning curves that I faced along my journey, even when it would have been easier to quit. And while I’d never claim to have “arrived” as there's always more learning to do, I can say with confidence that dedicating this business to the Lord from the very start whether it was to eventually become a business or always be a hobby, has been the single best decision that I’ve made thus far as it's taught me the value of sweat equity and perseverance and has been the source of my success.

I truly love what I do and especially enjoy meeting new people from different walks and areas of life. I love people and love that I get the privilege of taking part in preserving and documenting memories for them.

So that’s my story, now all that’s left is to tell yours!

What do you want yours to say?

I look forward to this new year, 2019, and can’t wait to meet you and help you tell your story!

Currently serving the Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Lake Geneva and surrounding areas. 

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Photo courtesy of Rheanna Rasico 2019