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Stressing about what to wear for your session?

Here's some inspiration ideas to get you going!



1.Bright Neon colors do NOT photograph well as the camera sensor has a hard time discerning the light reflection (think high lighter colors) so try and avoid those!

2.Wearing layers helps give depth and adds interest to your photos and offer the opportunity for different looks throughout the session when pieces are removed. Ie: Cardigans with shirt underneath, button shirts with sweaters over them, as well as accessories like necklaces, scarves and bracelets, etc. 

3.Pick a color scheme of 2 to 3 colors and mix and match among the family. Try to stay away from dressing every family member the same and in the same colors. See examples above!

4.Pick an outfit that you feel great in and that reflects your personality. You want your images to reflect you and your family in your element and with comfortable expressions. Nothing hinders that more than an uncomfortable outfit or one you feel the need to constantly adjust!

5.If you have small children and your session will be outdoors, try and avoid white if possible so that you can focus on having fun during the session as opposed to having anxiety about the kids soiling their outfits. 

6.Speaking of little ones, it's always handy to bring snacks of your choice with you to keep them happy and occupied if they become a little impatient with the process! I will do my best to keep the session fun for them but snacks are a great backup plan!


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